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Optical constants of VITRON - IG
IG 5

Wavelength: µm
 (1 – 14.0)  

Derived optical constants

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Dispersion formula [ i ]



Room temperature. Refractive index is relative to air at standard conditions; Wavelength in dispersion formula is as measured in air and expressed in micrometers.


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1) VITRON datasheet IG-5 June 2014
2) Dr. Rolf Henkel (VITRON Spezialwerkstoffe GmbH) - private communications

More info - wiki

Infrared glasses

Often, calcogenide glasses are used in the optical systems operating at infrared wavelengths ~1-14 µm (for instance, optical systems for thermal imaging and night vision)

Infrared glass types/brands from different makers


Composition AMI VITRON SCHOTT LightPath RPO
Ge33As12Se55 AMTIR-1 IG 2 IRG 22 OPTIR-1
Ge30Sb13Se32Te25 IG 3 IRG 23
Ge10As40Se50 IG 4 IRG 24
Ge28Sb12Se60 AMTIR-3* IG 5 IRG 25 BD-2 OPTIR-3
As40Se60 AMTIR-2 IG 6 IRG 26
As40S60 AMTIR-6

(*) Out of production

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