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Optical constants of Norland NOA 1348
Iezzi et al. 2020: n 0.300–1.00 µm

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Complex refractive index (n+ik)[ i ]

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Derived optical constants

Conditions & Spec sheet

n_is_absolute: false
wavelength_is_vacuum: false
film_thickness: 2e-6
substrate: glass


2 μm film spin-coated onto glass substrates.


B. Iezzi, Z. Afkhami, S. Sanvordenker, D. Hoelzle, K. Barton, M. Shtein. Electrohydrodynamic jet printing of 1D photonic crystals: Part II — Optical design and reflectance characteristics, Adv. Mater Technol. 5, 2000431 (2020) (Numerical data kindly provided by Brian Iezzi)


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Optical Adhesives

Optical adhesives are specialized compounds designed to bond optical components together while maintaining high optical clarity and integrity. These adhesives are commonly used in the assembly and repair of optical systems such as lenses, prisms, and fiber optics. Unlike standard adhesives, optical adhesives are formulated to have minimal impact on light transmission, refractive index, and overall optical performance. They may be UV-curable, heat-curable, or cure at room temperature, depending on the application requirements. These adhesives also often possess additional qualities such as resistance to humidity, temperature stability, and low outgassing to ensure longevity and reliability in various environments. The selection of the appropriate optical adhesive is crucial to the success of an optical system, as the wrong choice can lead to optical aberrations, delamination, or system failure.

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