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Optical constants of CH3NH3PbI3 (Methylammonium lead iodide, MAPbI3)
Leguy et al. 2015; Hydrated; n,k 0.249-0.427 µm

Wavelength: µm
 (0.2070 – 0.4270)  

Derived optical constants

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Hydrated single crystal CH3NH3PbI3.H2O; orientation unknown, hydrate phase grown on single crystal; room temperature; critical point model used for fit, 249 nm - 427 nm - fit not reliable for sub-bandgap region - see reference


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A. M. A. Leguy, Y. Hu, M. Campoy-Quiles, M. I. Alonso, O. J. Weber, P. Azarhoosh, M. van Schilfgaarde, M. T. Weller, T Bein, J. Nelson, P. Docampo, and P. R. F. Barnes. Reversible hydration of CH3NH3PbI3 in films, single crystals, and solar cells, Chem. Matter. 27, 3397-3407 (2015)

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Methylammonium lead iodide, CH3NH3PbI3 (MAPbI3)

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