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Optical constants of C4H8OS (Oxathiane)
Myers et al. 2018: 1,4-Oxathiane; n,k 1.28–25.0 µm

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n_is_absolute: true
wavelength_is_vacuum: true
temperature: 26 °C


1,4-Oxathiane, 26 °C


T. L. Myers, R. G. Tonkyn, T. O. Danby, M. S. Taubman, B. E. Bernacki, J. C. Birnbaum, S. W. Sharpe, T. J. Johnson. Accurate measurement of the optical constants n and k for a series of 57 inorganic and organic liquids for optical modeling and detection, Appl. Spectrosc. 72, 535-550 (2018) (see Supplemental Material for numerical data)


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Oxathiane, C4H8OS

Oxathiane (C4H8OS) is an organosulfur compound, specifically a cyclic thiocarbonate. It contains a six-membered ring with an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom, and four carbon atoms. As a relatively less-known compound in comparison to more common organosulfur compounds, its applications are specialized and niche. Liquid at room temperature, oxathiane exhibits the typical sulfurous odor associated with many sulfur-containing organic compounds. When studying its optical properties, researchers often focus on its interactions with light and potential uses in various organic synthesis processes or optoelectronic applications. Handling and storage of oxathiane, like many organic substances, should be done with care to avoid any hazardous reactions.


  • 1,4-Oxathiane (p-Oxathiane) - most important isomer
  • 1,3-Oxathiane (m-Oxathiane)
  • 1,2-Oxathiane (o-Oxathiane)

Other names

  • Thioxane
  • 1,4-Thioxane
  • p-Thioxane
  • 1-Oxa-4-Thiacyclohexane

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