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Optical constants of C7H16 (Heptane)
Kerl and Varchmin 1995: n-Heptane; 293 K; n 0.326–0.644 µm

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n-Heptane; 293 K (20 °C). See the original publication for the expression for n(λ,T).


K. Kerl, H. Varchmin. Refractive index dispersion (RID) of some liquids in the UV/VIS between 20°C and 60°C, J. Mol. Struct. 349, 257-260 (1995)


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Heptane, C7H16

Heptane (C7H16) is a straight-chain alkane hydrocarbon. It is a clear, colorless liquid that is less dense than water and exhibits a characteristic odor reminiscent of petrol. Being flammable, it is used in many laboratory settings as a non-polar solvent for organic substances. Heptane is also employed as a fuel in various applications and forms a significant component of gasoline. Due to its non-polarity, it is unsuitable for dissolving polar compounds but works effectively with non-polar molecules. In the field of optics, heptane can be used in a variety of experiments and setups that require a liquid medium with specific refractive properties.

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