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Optical constants of C7H17O3P (Diisopropyl methylphosphonate, DIMP)
Querry 1987: Infrared; n,k 2.5–56 µm

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M. R. Querry. Optical constants of minerals and other materials from the millimeter to the ultraviolet, Contractor Report CRDEC-CR-88009 (1987)


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Diisopropyl methylphosphonate, C7H17O3P

Diisopropyl methylphosphonate (C7H17O3P) is a clear, colorless liquid that is typically utilized for its chelating and complexing properties. This organophosphorus compound has significant relevance in the fields of chemistry and materials science due to its ability to interact with various metal ions. Because of its phosphonate group, it can form complexes with metal cations, often serving as an intermediary or a reactant in various chemical syntheses. Care should be exercised when handling diisopropyl methylphosphonate, ensuring that proper safety precautions are observed, as with many organophosphorus compounds.

Other names

  • DIMP
  • 2-(Methyl-propan-2-yloxyphosphoryl)oxypropane

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