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Optical constants of C4H10O3S (Diethyl sulfite, DES)
Querry 1987: n,k 0.270–19.6 µm

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M. R. Querry. Optical constants of minerals and other materials from the millimeter to the ultraviolet, Contractor Report CRDEC-CR-88009 (1987)


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Diethyl sulfite, C4H10O3S

Diethyl sulfite (C4H10O3S) is a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic sulfurous odor. This ester of sulfuric acid is commonly used as a reagent in organic synthesis, specifically in the preparation of certain organic compounds via alkylation and acylation reactions. Its unique chemical structure allows it to participate in a variety of chemical transformations, making it valuable in the realm of organic chemistry. Like many organic solvents, diethyl sulfite should be handled with care, ensuring that there is adequate ventilation when using it and that it is kept away from open flames and sources of ignition.

Other names

  • DES
  • Diethyl sulphite
  • Sulfurous acid
  • Diethyl ester

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