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Optical constants of CHBr3 (Bromoform)
Ghosal et al. 1993: n 1–13 µm

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298 K (25 °C)


S. Ghosal, J. L. Ebert, and S. A. Self. The infrared refractive indices of CHBr3, CCl4 and CS2, IR Physics 34, 621-628 (1993)


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Bromoform, CHBr3

Bromoform (CHBr3) is a dense, colorless to pale-yellow liquid that has a high refractive index and emits a sweet odor similar to that of chloroform. It is one of the trihalomethanes, with three bromine atoms attached to a central carbon atom. Historically, bromoform was used as a solvent, sedative, and flame retardant, but due to its potential health risks and environmental concerns, its use has been largely restricted in many countries. It can be produced as a byproduct during the chlorination of drinking water that contains bromide ions. Exposure to bromoform can be harmful, and it has been classified as a possible human carcinogen based on animal studies.

Other names

  • Tribromomethane
  • Methenyl tribromide
  • Methyl tribromide

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