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Optical constants of ZrTe5 (Zirconium pentatelluride)
Guo et al. 2021: n,k(α) 0.193–1.30 µm

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nα, kα; room temperature.


Z. Guo, H. Gu, M. Fang, B. Song, W. Wang, X. Chen, C. Zhang, H. Jiang, L. Wang, S. Liu. Complete dielectric tensor and giant optical anisotropy in quasi-one-dimensional ZrTe5, ACS Mater. Lett., 3, 6525–6534 (2021) (Numerical data kindly provided by Zhengfeng Guo)


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Zirconium pentatelluride, ZrTe5

Zirconium pentatelluride (ZrTe5) is a layered compound with unique electronic properties, drawing interest in the field of condensed matter physics. Due to its peculiar electronic band structure, it has been investigated as a potential candidate for quantum spin Hall states and topological insulators. Additionally, ZrTe5 exhibits a large, negative magnetoresistance at low temperatures, which makes it a subject of study for potential electronic and spintronic applications. Its intriguing properties continue to be the focus of ongoing research to better understand its potential in various technological applications and the fundamental physics that drive its behavior.

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