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Optical constants of ZnWO4 (Zinc tungstate)
Bond et al. 1965: n(α) 0.42–4.0 µm

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Monoclinic ZnWO4; nα; room temperature.


W. L. Bond. Measurement of the refractive indices of several crystals , J. Appl. Phys. 36, 1674-1677 (1965)


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Zinc tungstate, ZnWO4

Zinc tungstate (ZnWO4) is a crystalline compound known for its scintillating properties. Due to its ability to emit light when exposed to radiation, ZnWO4 is primarily used as a scintillator in various radiation detection applications. This material has found particular use in detecting gamma rays and is implemented in some neutrino experiments and dark matter searches. Its high density, along with good light yield and transparency to its own emission, makes it a preferred choice in these areas. Additionally, ZnWO4 exhibits low afterglow and is resistant to radiation damage, further enhancing its desirability for such applications. As a crystal, its optical characteristics, particularly its refractive index, are of interest in the field of photonics. When working with this material, standard safety measures should be adhered to, ensuring minimal risks during handling and usage.

Other names

  • Zinc tungsten oxide

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