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Optical constants of ZnSiAs2 (Zinc silicon arsenide)
Boyd et al. 1972: n(o) 0.7–11.5 µm

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1) G. D. Boyd, E. Buehler, F. G Storz, J. H. Wernick. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of ternary AIIBIVC2V chalcopyrite semiconductors, IEEE J. Quant. Electron., 8, 419-426 (1972)
2) G. C. Bhar. Refractive index interpolation in phase-matching, Appl. Opt. 15, 305-307 (1976)
*Ref. 2 provides a dispersion formula based on data from Ref. 1


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Zinc silicon arsenide, ZnSiAs2

Zinc silicon arsenide (ZnSiAs2) is a ternary III-V semiconductor compound that crystallizes in the chalcopyrite structure. It has interesting optical and electronic properties that make it a potential candidate for various applications. Due to its semiconducting nature, it has been studied for use in photovoltaic applications and infrared detectors. Its bandgap is suitable for absorbing a significant portion of the solar spectrum, potentially making it useful for solar cells. Additionally, it has been researched for its potential in electronic devices, given its unique combination of elements and the resulting electrical characteristics. While it is not as commonly used or as well-known as some binary compounds, ongoing research continues to explore its potential in optoelectronic applications.