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Optical constants of Yb2O3 (Ytterbium sesquioxide)
Medenbach et al. 2001: n 0.435–0.644 µm

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O. Medenbach, D. Dettmar, R. D. Shannon, R. X. Fischer and W. M. Yen, Refractive index and optical dispersion of rare earth oxides using a small-prism technique, J. Opt. A: Pure Appl. Opt. 3, 174-177, 2001


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Ytterbium sesquioxide, Yb2O3

Ytterbium sesquioxide (Yb2O3) is a chemical compound formed from ytterbium and oxygen. This white, crystalline oxide is one of the primary compounds of ytterbium and serves as a common precursor in the preparation of other ytterbium salts. Its high melting point and stable nature make it a suitable material for certain specialized applications. In the realm of optics and photonics, Yb2O3-doped materials are of interest for their lasing properties, especially when doped into laser host materials. The compound is also researched in the context of high-temperature superconductors and other advanced materials. Being an oxide of a rare-earth element, Yb2O3 shares many characteristics typical of the lanthanide series, including its ability to form complex coordination compounds.

Other names

  • Ytterbium(III) oxide
  • Diytterbium trioxide
  • Ytterbium oxide

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