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Optical constants of YLiF4 (Yttrium lithium fluoride, YLF)
Barnes and Gettemy 1980: n(o) 0.225–2.6 µm

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Room temperature. Ordinary ray (o).


N. P. Barnes and D. J. Gettemy. Temperature variation of the refractive indices of yttrium lithium fluoride, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 70, 1244-1247 (1980)


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Yttrium lithium fluoride, YLiF4 (YLF)

Yttrium lithium fluoride (YLiF4), commonly referred to as YLF, is a synthetic crystalline material renowned for its unique optical properties. YLF crystals are often used as laser host materials due to their excellent optical homogeneity, high damage threshold, and broad transparency range. Specifically, the neodymium-doped YLF (Nd:YLF) finds applications in pulsed laser systems because of its favorable lasing transitions. The material also possesses a low phonon energy, which can minimize non-radiative decay in luminescent devices. Additionally, YLF crystals exhibit birefringence, making them suitable for certain phase-matching applications in nonlinear optics. The crystal's structure can also be oriented in specific directions to optimize certain laser properties. YLF is typically transparent with a colorless appearance in its bulk form.

Other names

  • Lithium yttrium fluoride, LiYF4
  • Lithium yttrium tetrafluoride, Yttrium lithium tetrafluoride

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