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Optical constants of VN (Vanadium nitride)
Pflüger et al. 1984: n,k 0.031–2.48 µm

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Derived optical constants


VN1.0. Room temperature.


1) J. Pflüger, J. Fink. Determination of optical constants by high-energy, electron-energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS), in Handbook of optical constants of solids II, Edward D. Palik, ed. Academic Press, 1991. pp. 293-310
2) J. Pflüger, J. Fink, W. Weber, K. P. Bohnen, G. Crecelius. Dielectric properties of TiCx, TiNx, VCx, and VNx from 1.5 to 40 eV determined by electron-energy-loss spectroscopy, Phys. Rev. B 30, 1155-1163 (1984)


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Vanadium nitride, VN

Vanadium nitride (VN) is a compound of vanadium and nitrogen, possessing properties that make it desirable in various industrial applications. It exhibits a combination of hardness and electrical conductivity. As a result, it's often used as a wear-resistant coating to extend the lifespan of tools and machining components. Due to its electrical conductivity, it can also be found in microelectronics as a barrier layer. Additionally, in the field of metallurgy, VN is used as an additive to steel to refine grain size and consequently, improve the mechanical properties of the steel. Its thin films are of interest in the electronics industry for their potential applications in resistive random-access memory devices.

Other name

  • Vanadium(III) nitride

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