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Optical constants of TlCl (Thallium chloride)
Schröter 1931: n 0.43–0.66 µm

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H. Schröter. Über die Brechungsindizes einiger Schwermetallhalogenide im Sichtbaren und die Berechnung von Interpolationsformeln für den Dispersionsverlauf (On the refractive indices of some heavy-metal halides in the visible and calculation of interpolation formulas for dispersion), Z. Phys. 67, 24-36 (1931) [in German]


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Thallium chloride, TlCl

Thallium chloride (TlCl) is a crystalline compound that exhibits properties suitable for specific applications, particularly in infrared detection. With its wide bandgap, TlCl is transparent in the mid-infrared region, making it useful as an optical window material for infrared sensors and other related devices. Furthermore, thallium-based compounds, including TlCl, have been explored for their potential in radiation detection due to the high atomic number of thallium. However, just like other thallium compounds, it is essential to handle TlCl with care because of the inherent toxicity of thallium.

Other names

  • Thallium(I) chloride
  • Thallium monochloride
  • Thallous chloride

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