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Optical constants of TiH2 (Titanium hydride)
Palm et al. 2018: n,k 0.226–1.68 µm

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Titanium Hydride, Under 7 bar H2 gas, Room temperature, 200 nm thin film, electron beam evaporated, vacuum annealed 2 hr 350 °C.


K. J. Palm, J. B. Murray, T. C. Narayan, J. N. Munday. Dynamic optical properties of metal hydrides, ACS Photonics 5, 4677-4686 (2018)
(Numerical data kindly provided by Kevin Palm)


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Titanium hydride, TiH2

Titanium hydride (TiH2) is a compound consisting of titanium and hydrogen. It appears as a gray to black metallic powder and is commonly used as a foaming agent in the production of metal foams. Its ability to release hydrogen upon heating makes it ideal for this application. Besides its role in metallurgy, TiH2 serves as a starting material for the production of high-purity titanium. When heated, it decomposes to release hydrogen gas and titanium, a process that has been exploited in powder metallurgy to produce sintered titanium parts. Additionally, its properties have been explored in energy storage and hydrogen storage applications due to its ability to reversibly absorb and release hydrogen.

Other names

  • Titanium dihydride

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