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Optical constants of Ta2O5 (Tantalum pentoxide)
Gao et al. 2012: n,k 0.35–1.8 µm

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400-nm monolayer deposited on 160-µm BK7 substrate using the ion assistance electronic beam deposition technique.


L. Gao, F. Lemarchand, and M. Lequime. Exploitation of multiple incidences spectrometric measurements for thin film reverse engineering, Opt. Express 20, 15734-15751 (2012) (Numerical data kindly provided by F. Lemarchand)


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Tantalum pentoxide, Ta2O5

Tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5) is a high-refractive-index, white solid material that is insoluble in water. It is known for its high dielectric constant and is widely used in the electronics industry to produce capacitors, particularly in mobile phones, DVD players, video game systems, and computers. The high dielectric constant allows for a large amount of charge to be stored, thus enabling the production of small-sized capacitors with a significant amount of capacitance. Moreover, Ta2O5 has excellent optical properties and is used as a coating material for lenses and other optical components due to its ability to increase the refractive index and provide anti-reflective coatings. It also finds applications in the development of thin films in various optical and electronic devices.

Other names

  • Tantalum oxide
  • Tantalum pentaoxide
  • Ditantalum pentoxide
  • Ditantalum pentaoxide

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