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Optical constants of SiO (Silicon monoxide)
Hass and Salzberg 1954: n,k 0.24–14.0 µm

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G. Hass and C. D. Salzberg. Optical properties of silicon monoxide in the wavelength region from 0.24 to 14.0 microns, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 44, 181-183 (1954) (Data points extracted from a figure)


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Silicon monoxide, SiO

Silicon monoxide (SiO) is an inorganic compound that is a dark brown or black powder at room temperature. Unlike its stable counterpart silicon dioxide (SiO2), SiO is a highly reactive compound. SiO sublimates (converts directly from a solid to a gas) at elevated temperatures and can further oxidize to SiO2 upon exposure to air. Due to its reactivity, it is typically prepared and handled under controlled conditions. In the realm of thin-film deposition, SiO is utilized for its dielectric properties and as a component for various optical coatings. It's often evaporated in a vacuum to produce films that are used as protective or antireflection coatings in optics and electronics. The ability of SiO to act as a barrier against oxygen and moisture has also garnered interest for potential applications in encapsulating sensitive devices.

Other name

  • Silicon oxide

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