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Optical constants of Si (Silicon)
Schinke et al. 2015: n,k 0.25-1.45 µm

Wavelength: µm
 (0.25 – 1.45)  

Complex refractive index (n+ik)[ i ]

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Derived optical constants

Conditions & Spec sheet

temperature: 295 K


Relative uncertainties of the absorption coefficient: 0.4% at 0.250 µm, 11% at 0.6 µm, 1.4% at 1 µm, 12% at 1.2 µm and 180% at 1.45 µm. Temperature: 295 K.


1) C. Schinke, P. C. Peest, J. Schmidt, R. Brendel, K. Bothe, M. R. Vogt, I. Kröger, S. Winter, A. Schirmacher, S. Lim, H. T. Nguyen, D. MacDonald. Uncertainty analysis for the coefficient of band-to-band absorption of crystalline silicon. AIP Advances 5, 67168 (2015)
2) M. R. Vogt. Development of physical models for the simulation of optical properties of solar cell modules, PhD. Thesis (2015)


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Silicon, Si

Other names for Polysilicon

  • Polycrystalline silicon, "poly"
  • semicrystalline silicon

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