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Optical constants of ScAlMgO4 (Magnesium aluminate scandium oxide, SAM, SCAM)
Stefaniuk et al. 2023: n,k(o) 0.193–1.690 µm

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n_is_absolute: true
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Ordinary ray (o).


T. Stefaniuk, J. Suffczyński, M. Wierzbowska, J. Z. Domagała, J. Kisielewski, A. Kłos, A. Korneluk, H. Teisseyre. Optical, electronic, and structural properties of ScAlMgO4, Phys. Rev. B 107, 085205 (2023) (See Supplemental Material. Missing data points kindly provided by Jan Suffczyński.)


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Magnesium aluminate scandium oxide, ScAlMgO4 (SAM, SCAM)

Magnesium aluminate scandium oxide (ScAlMgO4), often abbreviated as SAM or SCAM, is a mixed metal oxide compound. As a member of the garnet family of materials, SAM possesses unique optical and electronic properties. It is known for its high transparency in the visible and infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. In the field of optics and photonics, SAM's excellent thermal properties, combined with its wide transmission range, make it a valuable material for various optical applications. Moreover, due to its unique composition and lattice structure, SAM can be doped with other elements to produce luminescent materials or tailored for specific electronic applications. As research in the domain of mixed metal oxides continues to advance, SAM is likely to find even broader applications, given its impressive set of material properties.