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Optical constants of Sc (Scandium)
Larruquert et al. 2004: n,k 0.00124–0.190 µm

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n_is_absolute: true
wavelength_is_vacuum: true


Density: 2.84 g/cm3. Film deposited at room temperature.


1) J. I. Larruquert, J. A. Aznárez, J. A. Méndez, A. M. Malvezzi, L. Poletto, S. Covini. Optical properties of scandium films in the far and the extreme ultraviolet, Appl. Opt. 43, 3271-3278 (2004)
2) M. Fernández-Perea, J. I. Larruquert, J. A. Aznárez, J. A. Méndez, L. Poletto, A. M. Malvezzi, A. Giglia, S. Nannarone. Determination of optical constants of scandium films in the 20-1000 eV range, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 23, 2880-2887 (2006) (Numerical data kindly provided by Juan Larruquert)


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Scandium, Sc

Scandium (Sc) is a silvery-white metallic element classified as a rare earth element. It is relatively soft and has a low density compared to other metals. Scandium is not found free in nature, but is usually present in rare minerals like thortveitite and scandite. The element's primary application is in the aerospace industry, where it is alloyed with aluminum to form an alloy that is lightweight, yet strong and resistant to heat. These scandium-aluminum alloys are used in aircraft components and in some sports equipment, such as baseball bats and bicycle frames. Additionally, scandium is used in some solid-state devices like high-intensity discharge lamps which produce light that's similar to natural sunlight. The radioactive isotope of scandium, Sc-46, is used as a tracer in oil refining research. With its limited availability and specialized applications, scandium remains one of the lesser-known elements, but it holds significance in the sectors where it's employed.

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