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Optical constants of RbTiOPO4 (Rubidium titanyl phosphate, RTP)
Carvajal et al. 2007: n(α) 0.4–1.5 µm

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nα; 293 K (20 °C).


J. J. Carvajal, P. Segonds, A. Peña, J. Zaccaro, B. Boulanger, F. Díaz and M. Aguiló. Structural and optical properties of RbTiOPO4:Nb crystals , J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 19, 116214, 2007


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Rubidium titanyl phosphate, RbTiOPO4 (RTP)

Rubidium titanyl phosphate (RbTiOPO4 or RTP) is a nonlinear optical material with a wide range of applications in optics and photonics. It possesses desirable properties such as a high damage threshold, a broad transparency range, and a phase matching capability. RTP crystals are employed in various laser systems for the purpose of frequency conversion, like second harmonic generation (SHG) and parametric oscillation. Additionally, RTP's quick response time makes it an attractive choice for applications like optical waveguides and modulators. Due to these properties, it's a valuable crystal in both research and industrial applications related to laser technology and photonics.