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Optical constants of PbTiO3 (Lead titanate)
Singh et al. 1972: n(o) 0.45–1.15 µm

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S. Singh, J. P. Remeika, and J. R. Potopowicz. Nonlinear optical properties of ferroelectric lead titanate, Appl. Phys. Lett. 20, 135, 1972


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Lead titanate, PbTiO3

Lead titanate (PbTiO3) is a ferroelectric material known for its exceptional piezoelectric and dielectric properties. Due to these unique characteristics, it is widely used in the fabrication of capacitors, sensors, actuators, and various other electronic components. PbTiO3 forms the base material for lead zirconate titanate (PZT), one of the most well-researched piezoelectric materials. PZT is a solid solution of PbTiO3 and PbZrO3, exhibiting enhanced piezoelectric properties. In the realm of optics, PbTiO3 thin films have been explored for non-linear optical applications and as an electro-optic modulator material. However, environmental concerns associated with lead have prompted research into lead-free alternatives for many of its applications.