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Optical constants of Pb5Ge3O11 (Lead germanate, PGO)
Simon et al. 1997: n(e) 0.45–0.70 µm

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Extraordinary ray (e). 21 °C.


M. Simon et al.. Refractive indices of photorefractive bismuth titanate, barium-calcium titanate, bismuth germanium oxide, and lead germanate, Phys. Stat. Sol. 159, 559-562 (1997)


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Lead germanate, Pb5Ge3O11, PGO

Lead germanate (Pb5Ge3O11), often referred to as PGO, is a crystalline compound with unique optical properties. Its high density and high atomic number make it particularly suitable as a scintillation material for radiation detection, especially gamma rays. PGO scintillators are characterized by their fast response times and relatively high light yield. Moreover, in the realm of nonlinear optics, PGO has been studied for frequency conversion processes. Due to its specific material properties, lead germanate has been considered for various photonics and optoelectronics applications. However, handling and usage of PGO, like other lead compounds, require precautions due to the toxic nature of lead.

Other name

  • Lead germanium oxide