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Optical constants of MoO3 (Molybdenum trioxide)
Vos et al. 2016: Thin film; n,k 0.019–1 µm

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Derived optical constants


Amorphous MoO3 deposited with ALD at 200 °C.


M. Vos, B. Macco, N. F. W. Thissen, A. A. Bol, W. M. M. Kessels. Atomic layer deposition of molybdenum oxide from (NtBu)2(NMe2)2Mo and O2 plasma, J. Vac. Scia. Technol. A 34, 01A103 (2016)


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Molybdenum trioxide, MoO3

Molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) is a compound of molybdenum and oxygen. It appears as an odorless, light-colored crystalline solid. It is a primary component in the production of molybdenum metal. In the field of optics, thin films of MoO3 can be deposited on various substrates, serving as layers in certain optoelectronic devices due to its semiconducting properties. The compound is also investigated for potential uses in energy storage and sensor applications. Additionally, its transparency to infrared radiation makes it a candidate for specific optical applications in the IR range.

Other names

  • Molybdic anhydride
  • Molybdite
  • Molybdic trioxide
  • Molybdenum(VI) oxide

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