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Optical constants of Mo (Molybdenum)
Querry 1987: n,k 0.206–167 µm

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M. R. Querry. Optical constants of minerals and other materials from the millimeter to the ultraviolet, Contractor Report CRDEC-CR-88009 (1987)


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Molybdenum, Mo

Molybdenum (Mo) is a silver-white, hard, transition metal. Known for its high melting points, strength, and resistance to corrosion, especially at high temperatures, it is invaluable in applications that demand materials capable of withstanding intense heat, such as in the production of furnace equipment and as filaments for light bulbs. In optics, molybdenum mirrors are favored for their robustness and durability, especially in high-power laser applications. The metal's reflective properties make it suitable for use as a coating for certain wavelengths, particularly in the deep ultraviolet spectral region.

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