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Optical constants of MgF2 (Magnesium fluoride)
Li 1980: n(o) 0.14–7.5 µm

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293 K (20 °C). Ordinary ray (o).


H. H. Li. Refractive index of alkaline earth halides and its wavelength and temperature derivatives. J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 9, 161-289 (1980) and references therein.
* Sellmeier formula is derived by critical analysis of experimental data from several sources.


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Magnesium fluoride, MgF2

Magnesium fluoride (MgF2) is a transparent crystalline material known for its outstanding transmission properties in the ultraviolet to infrared spectrum. It is birefringent and often used in optical components such as windows, lenses, prisms, and polarizers. MgF2 is commonly applied as a protective antireflection coating on optical elements due to its high laser damage threshold, making it especially valuable for applications involving intense ultraviolet light, like those in excimer lasers. Its resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks, coupled with its transparency, also makes it suitable for use in rugged environments and outer space applications.

Other names

  • Magnesium difluoride
  • Magnesium(II) fluoride

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