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Optical constants of Lu3Al5O12 (Lutetium aluminium garnet, LuAG)
Hrabovský et al. 2021: n 0.193–1.69 µm

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J. Hrabovský, M. Kučera, L. Paloušová, L. Bi, M. Veis. Optical characterization of Y3Al5O12 and Lu3Al5O12 single crystals, Opt. Mater. Express 11, 1218-1223 (2021)


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Lutetium aluminium garnet, Lu3Al5O12 (LuAG)

Lutetium aluminium garnet (Lu3Al5O12, or LuAG) is a synthetic garnet crystal. Owing to its outstanding properties, such as high density, high thermal conductivity, and good transparency in the visible and near-infrared regions, it's widely used in scintillator applications for high-energy photon detection. Additionally, LuAG has been studied as a potential host material for solid-state lasers, particularly when doped with rare-earth ions. Its transparency and luminescent characteristics make it valuable in various optical and photonic devices.

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