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Optical constants of LaF3 (Lanthanum fluoride)
Laihoa and Lakkistoa 1983: n(e) 0.35–0.70 µm

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R. Laihoa and M. Lakkistoa. Investigation of the refractive indices of LaF3, CeF3, PrF3 and NdF3, Phil. Mag. B 48, 203-207 (1983) (As cited in Handbook of Optics, 2nd edition, Vol. 2. McGraw-Hill 1994).


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Lanthanum fluoride, LaF3

Lanthanum fluoride (LaF3) is a white, crystalline, inorganic compound that is used in a variety of optical applications. It is a popular choice for the production of fluoride glass and is also used as a scintillation material in radiation detection. Due to its low refractive index, it is often used in antireflection coatings, especially for infrared optics. The compound is stable, has good thermal durability, and exhibits a wide transparency range, making it a versatile material for various optical systems. Its low solubility in water also makes it preferable in moisture-sensitive applications. LaF3 is an important material in both research and commercial optical technologies.

Other names

  • Lanthanum trifluoride
  • Lanthanum(III) fluoride


  • Fluocerite-(La)

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