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Optical constants of In2Se3 (Indium selenide)
Zotev et al. 2023: n,k 0.36–1.0 µm

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Multilayer crystals. Isotropic. Room temperature.


P. G. Zotev, Y. Wang, D. Andres-Penares, T. Severs-Millard, S. Randerson, X. Hu, L. Sortino, C. Louca, M. Brotons-Gisbert, T. Huq, S. Vezzoli, R. Sapienza, T. F. Krauss, B. D. Gerardot, A. I. Tartakovskii. Van der Waals materials for applications in nanophotonics, Laser and Photonics Rev. 17, 2200957 (2023) (Numerical data kindly provided by Panaiot Zotev)


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Indium selenide, In2Se3

Indium Selenide (In2Se3) is a compound semiconductor material with a unique layered crystal structure, belonging to the group of III-VI semiconductors. It is known for its photoelectric properties and phase-change characteristics, making it a material of interest in a variety of applications ranging from photovoltaics to phase-change memory devices. In2Se3 exhibits polymorphism, existing in different structural phases (α, β, γ), each having distinct electrical and optical properties. This makes it versatile for use in thin-film solar cells, where its direct bandgap can be tuned according to its phase and stoichiometry. The material is also studied for its potential use in optoelectronic devices, such as photodetectors and infrared sensors, due to its strong absorption in the visible to near-infrared spectrum. Understanding the optical properties, including the refractive index of In2Se3, is essential for the design and optimization of these devices. The refractive index data across different wavelengths can provide critical insights for tailoring the material's properties for specific applications.

Other names

  • Indium(III) selenide
  • Diindium triselenide

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