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Optical constants of In (Indium)
Mathewson and Myers 1971: n,k 0.344–1.77 µm; 140 K

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Conditions & Spec sheet

n_is_absolute: true
wavelength_is_vacuum: true
temperature: 140 K


140 K (-133.15 °C)


A. G. Mathewson and H. P. Myers. Absolute values of the optical constants of some pure metals, Phys. Scr. 4, 291-292 (1971)


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Indium, In

Indium (In) is a soft, malleable metal that is primarily used in the electronics industry for making semiconductors, transistors, and a variety of other components. In the realm of optics, indium is often employed in the fabrication of photodetectors and infrared sensors due to its unique electronic properties. Indium-tin oxide (ITO) is a transparent conductive oxide that serves as a popular material for making touch screens, LED displays, and solar cells. Indium is also frequently used to create low-melting alloys for a variety of other technological applications. Despite its widespread use, indium is relatively rare and expensive. Precautions should be taken when handling indium compounds due to potential toxicity.

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