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Optical constants of Ho (Holmium)
Fernández-Perea et al. 2011: n,k 0.000922–0.413 µm

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n_is_absolute: true
wavelength_is_vacuum: true


Density: 8.33 g/cm3. Film deposited at room temperature.


M. Fernández-Perea, J. I. Larruquert, J. A. Aznárez, J. A. Méndez, L. Poletto, F. Frassetto, A. M. Malvezzi, D. Bajoni, A. Giglia, N. Mahne and S. Nannarone. Transmittance and optical constants of Ho films in the 3-1340 eV spectral range, J. Appl. Phys. 109, 083525 (2011) (Numerical data kindly provided by Juan Larruquert)


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Holmium, Ho

Holmium (Ho) is a rare-earth metal that belongs to the lanthanide series. It's not commonly used in its pure form but is often found in various complex compounds and crystal structures where it serves specific roles in optical applications. One of its key features is the numerous sharp and well-defined energy levels, which makes it an excellent choice for solid-state lasers. Holmium-doped materials are utilized in a variety of applications including medical and industrial lasers, particularly for cutting and ablation processes. The element is generally safe to handle but is often part of compounds that need specific care in handling and storage.

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