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Optical constants of HgGa2S4 (Mercury gallium sulfide)
Kato et al. 2016: n(o) 0.633–10.6 µm

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Room temperature. Ordinary ray (o).


K. Kato, V. Petrov, N. Umemura. Phase-matching properties of yellow color HgGa2S4 for SHG and SFG in the 0.944-10.5910 μm range, Appl. Opt. 55, 3145-3148 (2016)


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Mercury gallium sulfide, HgGa2S4

Mercury gallium sulfide (HgGa2S4) is a ternary compound notable for its non-linear optical properties. It is primarily used in optical applications, such as frequency conversion and phase matching in laser systems. The compound's non-linear optical coefficients make it suitable for second harmonic generation (SHG) and other non-linear processes. However, the presence of mercury in the compound necessitates careful handling due to toxicity risks. Research into this material often focuses on optimizing its non-linear characteristics and improving its thermal and mechanical stability for optical applications.

Other names

  • Mercury thiogallate
  • Mercury gallium sulphide