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Optical constants of GaSb (Gallium antimonide)
Adachi 1989: n,k 0.207–12.4 µm

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S. Adachi. Optical dispersion relations for GaP, GaAs, GaSb, InP, InAs, InSb, AlxGa1−xAs, and In1−xGaxAsyP1−y, J. Appl. Phys. 66, 6030-6040 (1989)
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Gallium antimonide, GaSb

Gallium antimonide (GaSb) is a III-V compound semiconductor with a direct band gap of approximately 0.72 eV. It is well-suited for infrared (IR) applications, particularly in the mid- to long-wavelength IR range. Due to its narrow band gap, GaSb is often employed in optoelectronic devices like photodetectors, laser diodes, and infrared-emitting diodes. It also serves as a substrate for other III-V semiconductors like InAs and InSb, facilitating the creation of complex heterostructures with tailored electronic and optical properties. Gallium antimonide is known for its high electron mobility, making it appealing for high-speed electronic applications as well. Overall, GaSb is a versatile material with growing significance in advanced optoelectronic and electronic technologies.

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