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Optical constants of Dy2O3 (Dysprosium sesquioxide)
Medenbach et al. 2001: n 0.435–0.644 µm

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O. Medenbach, D. Dettmar, R. D. Shannon, R. X. Fischer and W. M. Yen. Refractive index and optical dispersion of rare earth oxides using a small-prism technique, J. Opt. A: Pure Appl. Opt. 3, 174-177, 2001


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Dysprosium sesquioxide, Dy2O3

Dysprosium sesquioxide (Dy2O3) is a rare-earth oxide that can exist in several crystalline phases. Its optical properties, such as a high refractive index and low absorption coefficients in the infrared region, make it interesting for specialized optical applications. It is also used as a raw material for producing dysprosium metal and various dysprosium compounds. Dy2O3 can be incorporated into glass, ceramics, and crystal hosts to modify their optical, electrical, and mechanical properties. While not as commonly encountered as other rare-earth oxides in optical applications, its unique characteristics make it a material of interest for future developments in both academia and industry.

Other names

  • Dysprosium(III) oxide
  • Didysprosium trioxide
  • Dysprosium oxide

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