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Optical constants of CuO (Copper monoxide)
Brimhall et al. 2009: n,k 0.0101–0.0348 µm

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Derived optical constants


CuO film formed on the surface of Cu exposed to air.


N. Brimhall, N. Herrick, D. D. Allred, R. S. Turley, M. Ware, J. Peatross. Measured optical constants of copper from 10 nm to 35 nm, Optics Express 17, 23873-23879 (2009)


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Copper monoxide, CuO

Copper monoxide (CuO) is a p-type semiconductor compound with a monoclinic crystal structure. Although its primary applications are often in the realms of catalysis and as a pigment, it has gained attention in the field of optics due to its interesting nonlinear optical properties. Copper monoxide is also studied for its potential use in photovoltaic and photodetector applications, where its relatively narrow band gap can be advantageous. While it may not be a mainstream material in optical systems, its unique properties make it an interesting subject of study for specialized optical applications.

Other names

  • Cupric oxide
  • Copper(II) oxide
  • Copper oxide


  • Tenorite

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