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Optical constants of CuGaS2 (Copper gallium sulfide)
Boyd et al. 1971: n(o) 0.55–11.5 µm; 20 °C

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Ordinary ray (o); 20 °C


1) G. D. Boyd, H. Kasper, J. H McFee. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of AgGaS2, CuGaS2, and CuInS2, and theory of the wedge technique for the measurement of nonlinear coefficients, IEEE J. Quant. Electron., 7, 563-573 (1971)
2) G. C. Bhar and G. Ghosh. Temperature-dependent Sellmeier coefficients and coherence lengths for some chalcopyrite crystals, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 69, 730-733 (1979)
*Ref. 2 provides a dispersion formula based on data from Ref. 1


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Copper gallium sulfide, CuGaS2

Copper gallium sulfide (CuGaS2) is a ternary compound semiconductor that exhibits a chalcopyrite crystal structure. This material is notable for its non-linear optical properties and is frequently employed in non-linear frequency conversion applications such as second-harmonic generation and parametric down-conversion. Its large non-linear coefficients and extensive phase-matching capabilities make it an ideal choice for infrared and mid-infrared applications. The material also boasts high thermal conductivity and damage threshold, which lends itself well to high-power optical systems. While not as commonly used as some other non-linear optical materials, copper gallium sulfide remains a specialized choice for applications requiring efficient non-linear frequency conversion, particularly in the infrared spectrum.

Other name

  • Copper gallium disulfide