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Optical constants of CuCl (Cuprous chloride)
Feldman and Horowitz 1969: n 0.43–2.5 µm

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Room temperature


A. Feldman and D. Horowitz. Refractive Index of Cuprous Chloride, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 59, 1406-1408 (1969)


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Cuprous chloride, CuCl

Cuprous chloride (CuCl) is a white or pale green solid widely utilized as a catalyst in organic synthesis and as a precursor to other copper compounds. In the optics realm, cuprous chloride has attracted interest for its utility in creating semiconductor lasers that can operate at room temperature. The material has a zinc blende crystal structure and exhibits strong excitonic emission, qualities that make it promising for optoelectronic applications. Additionally, its suitability for forming photonic crystals expands its range of potential optical uses. While not a conventional choice in optical components, cuprous chloride holds significant promise for specialized applications such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and other semiconductor-based optical technologies.

Other name

  • Copper(I) chloride

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