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Optical constants of CeF3 (Cerium trifluoride)
Rodríguez-de Marcos et al. 2017: n,k 0.03–2.0 µm

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Conditions & Spec sheet

n_is_absolute: true
wavelength_is_vacuum: true
deposition_temperature: 250 °C


40 nm film prepared by evaporation from tungsten boat at 250 °C


L. V. Rodríguez-de Marcos, J. I. Larruquert, J. A. Méndez, J. A. Aznárez. Self-consistent optical constants of MgF2, LaF3, and CeF3 films, Opt. Mater. Express 7, 989-1006 (2017) (Numerical data kindly provided by Juan Larruquert)


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Cerium trifluoride, CeF3

Cerium fluoride (CeF3) is an inorganic compound that crystallizes in the hexagonal or orthorhombic structure. This material is notable for its scintillating properties, which makes it particularly useful in radiation detection applications such as medical imaging and high-energy physics experiments. With a high atomic number and a high density, CeF3 is very effective at stopping high-energy photons, thereby converting their energy into a detectable light signal. It has a fast decay time, which is crucial for time-resolved measurements. Additionally, cerium fluoride is chemically stable and non-hygroscopic, an important feature for long-term operational reliability. While it is generally less expensive than other rare-earth scintillators, the challenge lies in optimizing its light yield and improving the energy resolution of detectors in which it is used. Synthesis methods for CeF3 include solid-state reaction, hydrothermal processes, and co-precipitation, with each offering different advantages in terms of crystal quality and purity. Overall, CeF3 remains a material of interest for various optoelectronic applications and continues to be the subject of research aimed at optimizing its scintillating properties.

Other names

  • Cerium(III) fluoride
  • Cerium fluoride


  • Fluocerite-(Ce)

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