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Optical constants of CaWO4 (Calcium tungstate)
Bond 1965: n(o) 0.45–4.0 µm

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Ordinary ray (o). Room temperature.


1) W. L. Bond. Measurement of the refractive indices of several crystals , J. Appl. Phys. 36, 1674-1677 (1965)
2) Handbook of Optics, 3rd edition, Vol. 4. McGraw-Hill 2009
* Ref. 2 provides a dispersion formula based on data from ref. 1


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Calcium tungstate, CaWO4

Calcium tungstate (CaWO4) is an inorganic compound that crystallizes in a tetragonal or scheelite structure. It is highly regarded for its luminescent and scintillating properties, making it a popular choice for applications in radiation detection and medical imaging. When exposed to ionizing radiation, CaWO4 exhibits strong scintillation, converting the incident radiation into visible or ultraviolet photons. This compound possesses excellent thermal stability, a high melting point, and a high density, which make it well-suited for extreme conditions. Additionally, its good transparency over a wide range of wavelengths has opened doors for its use as a host material in solid-state lasers and other photonic devices. The compound can be synthesized using various methods, including solid-state reactions and hydrothermal processes. Its versatility, stability, and unique optical properties make CaWO4 a material of keen interest for researchers and engineers in the fields of radiation detection, medical imaging, and optoelectronics.


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