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Optical constants of CS2 (Carbon disulfide)
Ghosal et al. 1993: n 7.3–11 µm

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298 K (25 °C)


S. Ghosal, J. L. Ebert, and S. A. Self. The infrared refractive indices of CHBr3, CCl4 and CS2, IR Physics 34, 621-628 (1993)


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Carbon disulfide, CS2

Carbon disulfide (CS2) is a volatile, colorless liquid with a pungent, ether-like odor. It is a simple molecular compound composed of one carbon atom bonded to two sulfur atoms, and it serves as an important industrial solvent. Historically, it has been used in the production of viscose rayon and cellophane film, although its use has declined due to health and environmental concerns. In organic chemistry, CS2 is a valuable reagent for synthesizing carbon-sulfur and sulfur-sulfur bonds. It is also used as a fumigant for stored grain, but its flammability and toxicity have led to the search for safer alternatives. Due to its volatile nature, CS2 can easily form explosive mixtures with air and poses significant health risks upon exposure, including neurological damage. Therefore, handling and storage of CS2 necessitate stringent safety measures. Overall, while carbon disulfide has significant industrial utility, its hazardous nature requires careful management.

Other names

  • Carbon(IV) sulfide
  • Carbon sulfide
  • Carbon disulphide
  • Carbon(IV) sulphide
  • Carbon sulphide

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