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Optical constants of BeAl6O10 (Beryllium hexaaluminate, BHA)
Pestryakov et al. 1997: n(β) 0.43–1.1 µm

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nβ; Room temperature.


E. V. Pestryakov, V. V. Petrov, I. I. Zubrinov, V. I. Semenov, V. I. Trunov, A. V. Kirpichnikov, A. I. Alimpiev. Physical properties of BeAl6O10 single crystals, J. Appl. Phys., 82, 3661–3666 (1997)


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Beryllium hexaaluminate, BeAl6O10 (BHA)

BeAl6O10, known as beryllium hexaaluminate (BHA), is a complex oxide crystal that has attracted interest for its potential applications in a variety of high-temperature and harsh-environment conditions. Although not traditionally used in mainstream optics, its properties such as high thermal stability, low thermal expansion coefficient, and resistance to chemical corrosion make it a candidate for specialized optical applications where these attributes are crucial. The material is often synthesized using methods such as the sol-gel process or high-temperature sintering. In the realm of photonics and optics, its stability under high thermal loads could make it an ideal candidate for optical components in high-temperature environments, such as aerospace or industrial applications. While research into the optical properties of BHA is still in relatively early stages, its unique combination of thermal and chemical robustness suggests potential for future exploration and application in demanding settings.