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Optical constants of BaF2 (Barium fluoride)
Kaiser et al. 1962: n,k 10–80 µm

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Single crystal; Room temperature; Lorentz oscillator model parameters provided.


W. Kaiser, W. G. Spitzer, R. H. Kaiser, and L. E. Howarth. Infrared Properties of CaF2, SrF2, and BaF2, Phys. Rev. 127, 1950 (1962)
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Barium fluoride, BaF2

BaF2, or barium fluoride, is a crystal that offers a wide transmission range, spanning from the ultraviolet into the mid-infrared regions. This material is commonly used in specialized optical applications such as scintillators in high-energy physics experiments, and as windows and lenses in infrared spectroscopy systems. It possesses a relatively low refractive index and high resistance to radiation damage, which makes it especially useful in extreme conditions. Additionally, BaF2 has fast scintillation response times, making it advantageous in fast-timing applications. One drawback, however, is that the crystal is hygroscopic, making it sensitive to moisture and requiring proper storage and handling to maintain its optical properties. It also has a lower resistance to thermal and mechanical shock compared to other fluoride crystals, which can be a consideration depending on the intended application. Despite these limitations, BaF2 remains a highly valuable material for specialized optical and photonic applications, owing to its broad transmission range and resilience to high-energy radiation.

Other names

  • Barium difluoride
  • Barium(II) fluoride

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