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Optical constants of As2Se3 (Arsenic triselenide)
Joseph et al. 2021: 400-nm film; n,k 0.246–1.69 µm

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Conditions & Spec sheet

n_is_absolute: true
wavelength_is_vacuum: true
film_thickness: 400e-9
substrate: glass


400 nm film on glass substrate.


S. Joseph, S. Sarkar, S. Khan, J. Joseph, Exploring the optical bound state in the continuum in a dielectric grating coupled plasmonic hybrid system, Adv. Opt. Mater., 3, 2001895 (2021)
(Numerical data kindly provided by Prof. Joby Joseph)


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Arsenic triselenide, As2Se3

As2Se3, known as arsenic triselenide, is a chalcogenide material that can be found in both crystalline and amorphous forms. In optical and photonics research, the amorphous or glassy form is generally more relevant due to its ease of fabrication and advantageous optical properties. The material has a wide transmission window, extending from the near-infrared into the mid-infrared region, making it suitable for a variety of infrared applications, including imaging and sensing. It is particularly known for its high refractive index and large nonlinear optical coefficients, making it an attractive material for nonlinear optics and integrated photonics. Arsenic triselenide glass can be easily shaped into waveguides, fibers, or thin films, adding to its versatility. However, the material contains toxic arsenic and selenium elements, necessitating strict safety measures during fabrication and handling. Additionally, it is photosensitive, which can be an asset for direct laser writing techniques but requires attention to optical stability. Overall, As2Se3 is a compelling material in the realm of infrared optics and photonics, offering a unique blend of properties that continue to be explored in both academic and industrial research.

Other names

  • Arsenic(III) selenide
  • Diarsenic triselenide
  • Arsenic selenide

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