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Optical constants of AlPO4 (Aluminium phosphate)
Bond et al. 1965: n(o) 0.40–2.6 µm

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Ordinary ray (o); Room temperature.


W. L. Bond. Measurement of the refractive indices of several crystals , J. Appl. Phys. 36, 1674-1677 (1965)


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Aluminium phosphate, AlPO4

Aluminum Phosphate (AlPO4) is an inorganic compound that commonly forms as a white, odorless crystal. AlPO4 has a multitude of applications in the chemical and industrial sectors. It is often utilized as a binder and flux in ceramics and porcelain products. Due to its acid resistance, it is employed in cements and mortars that will be exposed to acids. Chemically, aluminum phosphate can act as a Lewis acid catalyst in organic syntheses. In the medical realm, aluminum phosphate gel is harnessed as an adjuvant in both human and veterinary vaccines to enhance the body's immune response to the main active components. Optically, its crystalline structure may have distinct refractive properties that can be vital for specific applications. While generally considered to have low toxicity, caution should be practiced during handling, as it can act as an irritant in high concentrations or upon prolonged exposure.

Other names

  • Aluminium orthophosphate
  • Aluminum(III) phosphate


  • Berlinite

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