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Optical constants of Al2O3 (Aluminium sesquioxide, Sapphire)
Hagemann et al. 1974: n,k 0.0007749-0.2066 µm

Wavelength: µm
 (7.749E-04 – 2.066E-01)  

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1) H.-J. Hagemann, W. Gudat, and C. Kunz. Optical constants from the far infrared to the x-ray region: Mg, Al, Cu, Ag, Au, Bi, C, and Al2O3, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 65, 742-744 (1975)
2) H.-J. Hagemann, W. Gudat, and C. Kunz. DESY report SR-74/7 (1974)

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Aluminium sesquioxide, Al2O3

Other names

Alumina, Aluminium oxide, Aloxite, Aluminium oxide (α), Aluminium(III) oxide, Dialuminium trioxide.

Mineral name: Corundum.

Gemstones: Sapphire, Ruby.

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